Satin Peony Flowers


Scoured the www for inspiration and came up with satin flowers. Lots of bloggers/crafters have made them but I thought I’d give you my take.

I’d bought a lovely deep red satin cushion cover from the £1 shop, red on one side with a flocked flowered pattern on the other. But had no idea what I was going to do with it. Hence the www trawl!


I decided to use both sides of the cover for a contrasting effect. I removed the zip and stowed it away it my ‘another time’ box and using various sized cookie cutters drew circles on the satin.

I cut each circle twice (fabric still doubled). The amount and size of the petals depends on the style of flower you want.


Using a small tea light candle I melted the edges of the circles, this crisps them slightly and also curls too giving a ‘real’ petal effect.

How much curl and crisp you get depends on how close and fast you turn the petals. They may catch light but a quick blow and it’s out. (maybe have a jug of water in hand just in case??)

For the large flower I took 3 petals at a time and stitched them together. Moving them slightly each time to cover gaps, again this should be done depending how you want the flower to look.

The medium flower was stitched with three petals at the bottom, then two, two and one.

I finished each bloom with AB beads, how many you use is again up to you.

I definitely suggest playing around with different amounts and placings of petals and beads.

I apologise for the photos though


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